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Soddy Daisy / Loftis Gathering Sunday, 9.25.16
Come and join 11 Soddy Daisy / Loftis area churches for a free dinner and community-wide service of prayer to fund Bible history classes at Soddy Daisy and Loftis middle schools.
Meet Our Bible History Teachers
Hamilton County public schools are currently served by 17 qualified and dedicated Bible history teachers.
Challenging Students' Worldview
In the midst of a destructive worldview which has gained so much acceptance with young people, Bible history classes are offering students a different perspective.
A Chattanooga Tradition for 94 Years
Since 1922, public school students in Hamilton County, TN, have enjoyed the opportunity to study history’s most influential book, at no cost to taxpayers.
Hamilton County Department of Education Receives $1 Million Community Grant from Bible in the Schools
Gift from the community has provided the opportunity to thousands of students at 18 public schools to study the Bible, at no cost to taxpayers

Bible history classes are impacting students in Hamilton County public schools

He broke off the bad relationship, turned away from the drugs, and began having a more positive outlook on life ...

- Bryan Johnson, Bible history teacher | Hunter Middle

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Where is the hope?

As students are growing up in a violent culture, Bible history is addressing the heart problem. Watch all our feature videos.

soddy daisy/loftis ’16

Save the date: Entire communities are gathering to invest in Bible history classes in their public schools. The 2016 Soddy Daisy/Loftis Gathering is Sept. 25.

Is it legal?

A 1980 ACLU-inspired lawsuit in Hamilton County, TN, drew national attention. Find out what happened.