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Watch Video: 'Where Is the Hope?'
Our students are growing up in a violent culture. This violence is a symptom of a bigger problem. Bible history classes in the Hamilton County, TN public schools offer hope and changes lives.
A Chattanooga Tradition for 94 Years
Since 1922, public school students in Hamilton County, TN, have enjoyed the opportunity to study history’s most influential book, at no cost to taxpayers.
Teachers Welcome New President
Cathy Scott has been named the next president of Bible in the Schools, pictured at a recent inservice training with Hamilton County's 2015-2016 Bible history teachers.
Still No Bible Access in 22 Schools
Approximately one-third of Hamilton County, TN's public school students still do not have access to this rich academic experience.
Challenging Students' Worldview
In the midst of a destructive worldview which has gained so much acceptance with young people, Bible history classes are offering students a different perspective.

Bible history classes are impacting students in Hamilton County public schools

I have had several students tell me, “I’m an atheist, and I don’t know why I’m in this class because I don’t know much about the Bible ...

- John Daum, Bible history teacher | Central High

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